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Next Discount Week  1 July 2021

I am retailing from The Bob Tree, Montrose and making my products and packing online orders at my Murray Street shop. If you are local, you can choose shop collection on checkout and collect from The Bob Tree or from Artesan Crafts.

Trends in Cosmetics

Hair structure is traditionally described as an external cuticle layer, inner cortex and central medulla, all made up of keratins and keratin associated proteins.  Now researchers are further studying the complex associated proteins which have been found to play a major role in maintaining structure and strength.  Studies so far show that these proteins are affected by aging and chemical agents and some are more sensitive than others.  This has a direct impact on the properties of hair and is worthy of further study. Cosmetic

A subsidiary of Darling Ingredients, a US based organic ingredient maker  is planning to build a new facility to research alternative uses for the Black Soldier Fly larvae, The Black Soldier Fly is already used to accelerate composting. The company sees potential in the cosmetics and personal care industry where proteins from animals, plants and biotech sources are common ingredients.  (Most of my products are and will remain vegan).   Source: Cosmetic Design Newsletter April 2021.

* The content in this section reflects interesting trends in my personal opinion with no influence or sponsorship involved.

Recycling News

I recently joined the Terracycle Scheme to recycle Marigold Gloves and their packaging from my shop in Murray Street Montrose.  Just put your used gloves and packaging through the letterbox in the shop and when I have a full box I will send them for recycling.  

I'm working on customer vouchers in exchange for my product packaging. More here soon.

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