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Trends in Cosmetics

The UK may allow animal testing for cosmetic ingredients for the first time since they were banned in 1998. The UK government has announced that it has reconsidered its policy and decided to align with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) which has stated that some ingredients in cosmetics may need to be tested on animals to ensure their safety, in conflict with previous European cosmetic regulation rulings. Last year the ECHA won a court appeal to force a German ingredient company ensure the safety of employees to 2 ingredients related to sun screen; homosalate and ethylhexylsalicylate, by animal testing rather than alternative forms of testing. 

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I looked on the ECHA website and saw an open consultation on testing regulations underway which closes in October so I am sure I will be posting more on this topic which may bring the government in direct conflict with the cosmetic industry and consumers.


The Italian government has agreed to ban all fur farming and breeding within 6 month. This covers all fur bearing animals like chinchillas, mink and foxes.

* The content in this section reflects interesting trends in my personal opinion with no influence or sponsorship involved.

Recycling News

I'm on a mission to promote recycling and sustainability. I started with  my product packaging . Join me on my journey through my blog.

I am in  the Terracycle Scheme to recycle Marigold Gloves and their packaging from my shop in Murray Street Montrose.  Just put your used gloves and packaging through the shop letterbox.  Thank you to those who  handed 

in gloves this year! Please keep handing them in.  I also joined the Terracycle Scheme to recycle plastic rings - the thing that holds cans together - collect yours and pop them through the letterbox. Nothing so far! Please consider recycling them at my shop . Thank you!

I'm working on customer vouchers in exchange for my product packaging. More here soon.

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