A bit about my new suppliers

I recently started stocking Award Winning Organic Dental Care and UK made Food Supplements and in this blog, I'll be sharing their stories

Organically Epic was founded by Jayne Clark-Denyer in 2015 first as an organic distribution business after becoming interested in natural and organic products for her family. The business was relaunched in 2018 specialising in Organic Dental products as Jayne recognised that there were few truly organic, natural and sustainable dental products available. Her products are certified Panda Friendly - the bamboo used is harvested at maturity and does not affect the Giant Pandas' eco system. The products are also certified as Cruelty Free and the toothpaste is COSMOS certified. Her business has won numerous awards and in 2021 they launched the UK's first ever bamboo electric toothbrush which is one of their best sellers and which has recently won several awards at the Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Specialist Supplements UK is a welsh company which launched in 1995 as a supplier of health foods, vitamins, supplements and herbal formulations. Founded by Crain Garkov, who trained as a nutritionist believing in the power of nature to heal and the power of the body to heal when given the right nutrition, the company first focused on improving digestive issues and then branched out. Their products do not use artificial colours or sweeteners in their products, which are manufactured in the UK, and many of the products are free from and suitable for most diets. The packaging is 100% recyclable and the company are registered with the FDA and Soil Association.

I am very pleased to be stocking products from these family run businesses who are best in class at what they produce!

Thanks for reading!


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