Everything is Chemical

I'm reading a book by John Kennedy for the The Royal Society of Chemistry about the fact that everything natural is made of chemicals and why we shouldn't fear chemicals.

The book is very engaging and I wanted to share a little of it with you.

He starts off by listing the ingredients of a banana. I won't list them all here are a few: lauric acid, sucrose, phylloquinone, 2-methylbutyl ethanoate, 2-hydroxy 3-methylbutanoate, to make his point that everything in nature is a chemical.

The author then discusses our innate craving of nature and and how this is is expressed through our desire for wooden floors, attraction to cute baby animals, and having fruit bowls on display in our homes. Its been proven that the natural environment makes us feel happier and calmer and we seek this continually.

He points out that this craving for nature is exploited by marketeers who highlight any natural element in skincare products which is often enough for us to make a decision to buy, even if the addition of a natural extract does not lead to any skin benefit. The failure of products to satisfy our nature craving leads to us seeking ever more natural sounding products to the extent that what natural is has become skewed as we now accept approximations of nature in our products. In addition, self interested groups exploit our craving for nature and innate fear of the unknown through promotion of fear of chemicals to promote their own agendas which might be political, economic or just for sales of their own products.

There are certainly dangerous chemicals but our innate fear of the unknown and craving for nature has led to a skewed sense of risk of anything chemical.

I have to agree with with this, The truth of ingredients is what my brand stands for and I am always clear with my customers about the nature of ingredients. Thanks for reading!


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