First week back!

I'm starting my first week back in the shop with a 2 week sale of Christmas stock. Its been pretty quiet but its cold, just past New Year and we are in the middle of another covid wave. I seem to know loads of people I know who have or have had covid recently but hopefully it is becoming another virus we deal with in our lives, and things will start to get back to normal.

The shop looks quite empty at the moment while I wait for new stock for a slightly different selection of products focused on wellness and sustainability this year. I am looking forward to a new look to the shop.

Another of my projects is to buy only UK veg and fruit. I started with fruit, apples and pears last week - although there are many pears on sale from the EU in Aldi and I had to search a few to find the UK produce! Today will be my first proper shop since before Christmas and I'll be sharing how I get on. It will be quite a change to my normal vegetable diet!


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