Getting back to basics is effective skin and hair care

This week I've been looking through the book of natural cosmetic ingredients and their benefits. It is amazing how one good quality natural ingredient can solve a skincare issue and even more amazing the number of skincare products with 10 or more ingredients put together to solve the same thing.

I know that there can be complex and serious skincare problems but they often need medical intervention - the skincare industry is over saturated with marketeers dictating formulations and the creation of questionable plant extracts to inflate prices.

I'm on a mission to bring you simple ingredients which solve skincare issues. For the last of my haircare products, I will put together a set of scalp scrub formulations and their ingredients so you can mix your own and apply at home.

Why a scalp scrub? The scalp is a continuation of your face - the skin is thicker and it has its own microbiome and of course it has hair follicles from which new hair grows. Like your face, exfoliation sloughs away dead dry skin, irritation can occur, and sebum can be over or under produced causing dry and oily hair.

I can't wait to put these together for you. Watch this space!


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