Hand Gel Recipe

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Soap and water remains the best way to get any virus off your hands but for those who have to use sanitiser, here is a recipe containing enough active ingredient to counter most enveloped viruses.


3g Glycerin (for moisturisng hands)

2g xanthan gum ( makes a gel when dissolved in water)

23g distilled water

70g Isopropyl alcohol

Makes 100g hand gel

Mix glycerine and xanthan gum, Add water and dissolve the xanthan gum using a hand whisk. Keep the whisk on the bottom of the jug to reduce air bubbles. When its mostly dissolved add alcohol and mix. You can use this straight away but its better after 24 hrs.

You can also scale up this recipe to make larger quantities.

Best measured on a digital scale. Remember to zero the scale to take out the weight of the jug before you measure out the ingredients.

I also added Shea butter (water dispersible) for additional moistursing, a few drops of Lemon essential oil and a smidge of colour.

A glass measuring jug with a yellow liquid and 4 blue bottles with white caps


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