I'm off to Coventry next week!

Its the SCS Formulate Exhibition next week and I'll be going down for the day to catch up on latest trends in cosmetic law and the latest ingredients, I am so looking forward to being among fellow cosmetic makers and I am also looking forward to getting out of the town for a few days - Its been a bit stressful with the news that there was a robbery and attempted robbery on Murray street near my shop recently, and that there have been lots of distraction thefts in the county with none of these criminals being caught. As a retail community we have been talking about what we can do, but in reality there is little we can do to stop this activity, its the job of the police who are desperately under-resourced. I am hoping that the trip will help me to feel a little more positive about retail in Montrose and that I'll be in full Christmas mode when I am back in the shop on Thursday. In the meantime, its keep calm and carry on!


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