I've been getting on with my environmental activities this week

I have been busy with the Montrose rotary environmental group planning our activities for the season. We planted a wild meadow in one of the local primary schools last year but the grasses are swamping the wild flowers that also grew and so next week we will be going back to weed out some of the grasses to make way for flowers. I sowed 100 poppy seeds there last September so I am hoping that they come up this year.

Yesterday, we volunteered to do some weeding in the car park area of the local cinema. These areas are lovely potential areas for planting but are full of weeds at the moment so its going to take a Sunday afternoon and a few volunteers from our group to get the area cleared.

We also planted a meadow at another school but unfortunately that did not grow at all so we are trying again later this year.

We are also arranging to plant pollinator friendly plants in one of the local parks this year.

We do this as part of our Rotary membership as one of our missions is to serve the community. We also find the funds for these activities recognising that schools and other organisations cannot afford these extra activities themselves.

I personally think doing things with others is a great for wellness and planting for our insects and pollinators works towards sustainability. I love being at home but getting out and helping with projects on an evening or weekend with rotary friends adds something extra to my life.

Rotary are always looking for new members and the Friends of Rotary Group are for like minded people who aren't ready to commit to membership fees but would like to join in our activities. If you live locally and would like to get involved, message us on our facebook page, Rotary in Montrose or message me and I'll put you in touch with the Secretary. Thanks for reading!