In the garden and polytunnel

I have been diligently watering the garden, the pots and inside the polytunnel everyday since mum planted our vegetables. Our jobs are divided. She sits, plants, pots on, dead heads and feeds the plants while I water, weed the garden, do any moving and lifting. Its a fair division. Putting the water butt in was a great water saver and I have used all the rainwater collected so far so I don't feel so bad using the hose. I think the tomatoes could do with 2 waterings a day but I can only manage one and they have not done too badly on this. In the garden, our early potatoes are ready - I harvested 5-6 plants and the potatoes came out really clean as they were in compost. These are stored in a sack in the shed. We still have about 15 plants which are still green and starting to yellow so hopefully the potatoes will be ok in the ground for a couple of weeks. The cherries are finished, the plum tree did not produce plums this year - this is its first year so that's ok. The runner beans are growing. Sweetcorn planted outside seems to be doing ok so far. Tomatoes planted outside are flowering and tomatoes in the polytunnel are at various stages. The furtherest along have ripening tomatoes. The 2 cucumbers are also ready. The polytunnel has its own climate, usually humid and sometimes to the point of steaming glasses up. We try to clear the air everyday so that water doesn't drip down the sides. A bucket filled with water helps the humidity increase when the doors are zipped up.

We also have salad leaves growing. I can't eat them faster than whatever is making holes in the leaves but I'm giving it a good go. I find that I have to rinse them about 5 times to get all the bugs off. The other day I knocked one off and it immediately made an air bubble and floated around for ages until it went down the plughole. Hopefully it survived its journey.

Now that the seagull chicks have left the garden, I have been able to mow the lawn and weed and yesterday I completely filled the garden bin with weeds and columbines and foxgloves that have finished. We have a giant hogweed lurking in the garden which will need digging out. 2 chicks left the garden 2 weeks ago but I think only one has survived and this one sits and calls on the rooftops around the garden with the parents watching. Hopefully it will be ok and all 3 will head out to sea as they do each year signalling when cold weather is on the way and the change in the seasons.


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