It feels like Spring (except no-one's noticed)

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Finally, the sun is warming the earth up during the day, plants are growing and the birds are back in the garden ready for Spring. But the only thing people are talking about is the global health emergency. In the shop like others, I am wiping down handles and surfaces after each customer, using hand sanitiser and washing my hands frequently. Sales of soap and hand balm are fairly steady although trade is quieter than it should be and customers are finding the frequent hand washing causes dermatitis and eczema to flare up. Any cream or balm with wound healing ingredients will help - my go to's are vitamin E and calendula extract, both of which are in my hand balm. But simpler traditional healing remedies like soaking porridge oats in warm water for a while and then bathing your hands in the mixture will also calm inflammation and promote healing. Wearing cotton gloves at night can also help protect sore hands. During this period, I hope that we all stay healthy and safe. I'll remain open according to government advice and keep good stocks of soaps and my other products. My online shop at is active and subscribers can take advantage of a 20% discount week each month. Please do message me with any questions you have and thank you for any purchases you make.


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