Montrose Fairtrade Fortnight

This is the second week of our National Fairtrade Fortnight. I have given over my shop window at 63 Murray Street Montrose to showcase some Fairtrade products and to advertise Fairtrade. Fairtrade means that a fair price is set for goods and the profits shared among the farmers who meet in a coperative and decide how to use some of the profits for their community.

If you would like to purchase any of the products on display, the contact details are in the shop window.

This years theme is Choose the World You Want and there are many online events that you can sign up to Free Online Festival: Choose The World You Want | Fairtrade Foundation including those addressing how climate change is affecting growers. Montrose is a Fairtrade town and there are many places you can purchase Fairtrade: Scotmid, Aldi, Tesco included so please think of buying Fairtrade products next time you shop.


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