Murumuru Butter Review

I use Murumuru Butter in my Dry Hair Shampoo Bars so I thought I would review this popular ingredient today.

You will find Murumuru Butter listed as Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter in ingredients lists, mainly in hair products.

It comes from the cold pressing of palm tree kernels of astrocaryum palms and it is a soft greasy butter which provides a high degree of oiliness in hair products. This is perfect for dry hair and also for curly coily hair which can also be dry. Dry hair occurs because either there is not enough natural sebum from the scalp to nourish the hair in the way it needs, perhaps the weather or a treatment has made it drier than normal, or in curly hair, the hair shape makes it harder for the sebum to travel all the way down the hair strand. The Butter acts by replacing some of the nourishing oils needed for healthy hair.

The flower extract of murumuru is also a useful ingredient and I have seen this added to a few skin creams recently. According to the Handbook of Natural Ingredients by Anthony Dweck, the extract is used to clean greasy hair and on skin can reduce the appearance of large pores.

Murumuru is a palm originally from the Amazon as so many of these natural ingredients are, and the flower extract and fruit are used by the indigenous people for many purposes.

As this is an ingredient growing in popularity, the issue of sustainability will become important for companies sourcing this product.

Thanks for reading! Source Handbook of Natural Ingredients by Anthony Dweck pub. 2017