My Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Updated: Jun 23

If you stayed in Montrose this weekend, like me you probably expected sun and instead we were subjected to unrelenting haar with damp and cold conditions. But it did feel a bit holidayish and I managed to get some gardening and painting jobs done as well as some reading and snoozing.

On Sunday I finally planted up the shady sloped part of the garden with hostas and hellebores - It is a slugs dream come true but hopefully with the birds and a combination of slug repellents they will thrive. 2 seagull nests on the roofs overlooking the garden hatched and one of the chicks fell into the garden - such a shame as chicks that young don't often survive out of the nest but it was still alive this morning. As it was too cold for a planned picnic on Sunday, I had a greek style mezze inside instead. On Monday I finally repainted the ends of the flat steps white and then planted a plum tree in the garden. Then late in the afternoon the sun finally came out although it was still cold. Today I am back in The Bob Tree and its a lovely day outside! Typical weather. I hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you did.


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