New Shampoo Bar in Development

I'm excited to say that I made my first shampoo bar for blonde/silver hair last week. I took a small sample home and washed my hair yesterday as I have some white hair strands coming through and result! My hair did not turn purple and there was no excess colour washing out of the bar which is great - that mean that the amount in the formulation is not excessive bearing in mind the recommended usage rate - but is the amount enough to be effective? - I'm just going to give a sample to mum to test as she has coloured silver hair to make sure that it enhances the colour. The next step after that is to work out how to get the water soluble colour into the bar without actually adding more water into the product which is what I did when I made it last week. Some of the raw ingredients do contain water already so I am hoping that the colour will dissolve in one of these as I won't be able to add it as a powder to the bar. I'll write more about this new shampoo bar soon.


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