Niacinamide as a Toner ingredient

I've been testing out a face toner I made recently and it is really nice but it does need something a little special so I've decided that niacinamide would be a great addition! Its the biologically active version of vitamin B3 and an important vitamin found in animals and plants because it is a building block for many co enzymes and key energy transporters in the body. When applied to the skin, Niacinamide can increase ceramides, part of our skin structure, stimulate micro circulation in the skin and increase protein synthesis as well as regulate sebum production. When using it in formulations, it comes as a white powder and is water soluble. It is PH sensitive so if my toner is not close to PH 6, its likely that it will break down and form nicotinic acid which can cause skin irritation and it might make the toner smell pretty awful so I have to make sure the conditions are right for its use. I am looking forward to trying it out! When completed, it will go nicely with my Face Oil and Cleanser/Exfoliator that I am also busy tweaking and the set will be ready for Christmas. Sources: Swiftcraftymonkey blog; article on Niacinamide by C Deckner 7/2/14,


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