Oat Powder - a simple but effective ingredient

Oat powder or fine oatmeal is a well known remedy for soothing skin inflammations or to cure dry skin and traditionally it was added to a bath or made into a poultice to be applied to red or itchy skin. Nowadays you can see it in cosmetic ingredients as Avena sativa and it can be added to a product in used as a fine oatmeal, a powder, as an oil from the oat kernels, or as an extract from the oats and even as a peptide which is oats broken down to their molecular components and then filtered. As an ingredient these different forms are used in hair conditioning(peptide), as a natural foaming agent(peptide) and as an anti inflammatory or skin softener in skin products, or as a gentle exfoliant. Its official function in cosmetics is abrasive, skin conditioning I add oat powder to my hand balm and I personally find that it calms down my itchy eczema quickly and I have also used it as an exfoliant before. If you do need to calm down itchy skin due to an allergic reaction or dermatitis, and don't have anything to soothe it, mix some oatmeal or oat powder with a little warm water and apply as a thick paste over the affected area.

Source Handbook of Natural ingredients Anthony Dweck


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