Reviewing Avocado Oil

While I wait for my Lavender soap oils to cool so that I can make my soap batch, I thought I would review Avocado Oil.

I use Avocado Oil in my bath oil and as a key ingredient in my soon to be launched Goats Milk Soap.

You will see it on labels as Persea grattissima oil and in soap labels as the sodium salt Sodium avocadate. It has a low comedogenic value which means that it is classified as a light oil.

It was traditionally used in massage oils and hair products being rich in Vitamins A, E, D and also in selenium, fatty acids and phytosterols which are typically great in healing itchy skin.

It’s a fantastic oil for dry skin and is implicated in eczema relief as it is a fast skin penetrating oil. It is also implicated in scaly scalp and dandruff relief. Simply apply the oil to your scalp and massage in 10 minutes before you wash your hair. The high percentage of oleic acid in this oil also helps wind and sun burned skin.

Did you know that avocado pulp is also said to promote hair growth? If you would like to try this, apply mashed up avocado to your scalp and massage through 10 -20 mins before you wash your hair.

Sources: Handbook of Natural Ingredients by Anthony Dweck, Swiftcraftymonkeyblog by Susan Barclay-Nichols


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