What's keeping me busy this week?

Updated: Aug 11

Now that I have finished a big order for Yer Maws products, I thought I'd get ahead of the soap making this year and get stocks built up. Yesterday I made 4 batches of Cranberry and Orange Soap and this week I have Unfragranced, and Lemongrass soapmaking planned. Soap making takes a while and its a bit messier than making some of my other products so its nice to get time to spend on it.

I have also been thinking about and making another test batch of eye gel. My most recent batch included green tea extract which contains caffeine, proven to increase cell proliferation and fill in some the spaces left by collagen depletion as you age. Testing on myself I do notice an improvement but I think the product could be better so am continuing to test out combinations and quantities of ingredients - More caffeine definitely will increase cell growth but it may result in an unreasonable product price. Watch this space!

a soap bar wrapped with yellow and orange wallpaper

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