Workshop News April 14

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Collection of bath bombs in a tray wrapped iwith yellow, red, white, blue, pink and purple tissue paper and labelled

The lockdown continues and thankfully I received a raw ingredients delivery on Friday, meaning that I could make some new stocks of Hair Conditioning Bars, Hand Balm and bath bombs.

Bath bombs are quite popular at the moment and they are my least favourite thing to make! If you have ever bought my bath bombs, they are sometimes quite misshapen - I have just never got to grips with the perfect bath bomb and I most likely make them a little damper then they need to be - I press the 2 sides together, lay them out and then worry for the next 10 minutes that they are going to fall apart as the mixture expands - sometimes as they start to expand a little, I see a disaster looming and I admit I pick them up and push them together to make sure they don't split apart. You never see this on the youtube videos and so I feel quite inadequate as a bath bomb maker.

So my bath bombs may not look amazing but I have made sure that the ingredients create a gentle and bubbly bath experience, and that for me is the most important thing in a bath bomb.


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