Workshop Update

Its been 3 weeks since we opened and I am finally getting back into a routine of retailing from The Bob Tree and working in my workshop at the end of the week. I am busy updating my bath bombs - making them bigger and changing the colours, ( this is the new Blueberry path bomb), plus I'll be adding a Sandalwood bath bomb especially for Father's Day on 20th June.

I have had to change suppliers for some of my products since the impact of Brexit has meant that suppliers have dropped products they can no longer export to the EU as additional duties make the products too expensive for customers. What a pain! I am struggling with finding my shampoo bar ingredients and will have to change the formulation if I can't find suppliers soon. Thankfully I do have Shampoo Bars in stock so I am hoping that this problem will be solved before I run out. I hope you are all keeping well and I look forward to seeing you in the shop


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