Workshop Update - September

I spend my time working on lots of different aspects of my products. Since I reopened after lockdown I have been working on the improvement of a few products and some new ones. The improvements are either to the ingredients in the product and/ or the packaging. These always take longer than I expect and the process never runs in a straight line.

Here’s what I have been doing:

Goats Milk Soap - I have been waiting for one document for a couple of weeks for the safety assessment – hopefully sent this week

Face Exfoliator – I have improved this product to make the pumice release easier onto the skin for better exfoliation – now waiting for a couple of documents so it can be reassessed. I aim to repackage these into boxes eventually.

Shampoo Bars – I have finally found a replacement for the synthetic polyquaternium ingredient (which smells like fish). It’s a naturally derived (from chicory root) ingredient that feels great on the hair and I am ready to put the new formulation in for a safety assessment, including my new purple bar for silver hair. I aim to repackage these into boxes eventually.

Solid Fragrances – I am pleased to say that I have been working with Irene Hughes, our local potter on the development of small ceramic pots for my solid fragrances and these should be ready soon. I can’t wait to see the finished product and have this on my shelves. I’ll also be making a new solid fragrance for Christmas.

Face Oil – I am trialling an improvement to my current face oil which adds sea spaghetti extract to build collagen and sea buckthorn oil for skin brightening vitamin C. I love it and I am waiting for a 2nd trial before I invest loads of money to buy the ingredients.

Face Muds – I love my Face Muds and am going to repackage into jars so that customers can mix the powder into a paste more easily. This is happening as soon as the labels are redone.

Products I am stuck on

Eye Gel – I seem to have been working on this for ever. I just cannot get the effect I am looking for – there are so many under eye products which are disappointing in their results I do not want to put another onto the market. I know what I want and I think maybe it can be better delivered in a cream so that’s what I am working on next.

Products I want to work on

Hand and Body Cream – I have made these and they are fab – its just the cost of putting them on the shelf is beyond me at the moment but I will have them at some point.

Thanks for reading and for your support.


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